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I was taught to bead by a Métis Knowledge Keeper, Alicia Hamilton, (virtually) in a lockdown in the winter of 2021. I specialize in single-needle flat stitch.

See more of my work on my Instagram page.


Mysis relicta with DNA barcode border

I created this piece as part of the art and science showcase for the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) annual meeting.

Mysis relicta is a species of shrimp that occur in glacial lakes around Iqaluktuttiaq, Nunavut - where I do my PhD research. It was reported in an academic publication in 1962, where four "glacial relict" species were described. After tons of planning and lots of effort, I collected Mysis relicta and submitted specimens for DNA barcoding.

DNA barcoding is a method of sequencing that extracts a small portion of the CO1 gene in animals. Each basepair can then be colour-coded to look exactly like a barcode you'd see in a grocery store! The edge of my piece is the actual DNA barcode of a Mysis relicta sequence.


This beadwork was created using single-needle flat-stitch techniques and combining contemporary styles with elements of traditional Métis beadwork. The red dress is a national symbol to raise awareness of the ongoing human rights crisis of gender-based and racialized violence in Canada. For the edging of the dress and flower pieces, queer flag colours were used to call attention to the elevated rates of violence women and 2SLGBTQQIA people experience in this country. The flower and seed pod are interpretations of a native medicinal prairie flowering plant called Echinacea, commonly known as coneflowers, to represent cyclicity, however elements of the coneflower's life cycle are missing. The traditional elements of Métis beadwork include the design of the flower and the "mousetracks" connecting the flower to the seed pod. In traditional beadwork, usually the entire life cycle of a flower is depicted and connected via tendrils or mousetracks. The entirety of the life cycle is not included in this work as most MMIWG2S victims have their lives irrevocably changed or cut short by violence.


May 5th is the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls and Two-Spirit People, where hanging up a red dress was inspired by Métis artist Jaime Black during her REDress Project installation.

Materials: Charlotte-cut seed beads, Czech seed beads, felt, tanned deer hide

This piece is on permanent display at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg, MB.



Innuinaqtun for purple saxifrage, or Saxifraja oppositifolia. It is one of the very first flowers that appears in springtime on the tundra.

Created as a gift for an Inuk field technician.

Seed beads, glass beads, tanned deer hide.

American White Pelican

I often create beadwork based on images I have captured myself. This pelican was a custom commission.

Seed beads, glass beads, tanned deer hide.

303590354_384745060504961_4186231559955375381_n (1).jpg
300438998_1088441705210885_7308212968708858140_n (1).jpg


Both of these flowers are native to the prairies.

Left: Custom commission of a Pink Ladyslipper. Charlotte true-cut beads, seed beads, vintage glass beads, and tanned deer hide.

Right: Sparrow's Egg Lady Slipper medicine pouch. Gold-plated seed beads, Charlotte true-cuts, and seed beads on dyed and tanned hide.


Fish leather pieces

I enjoy experimenting with new materials and styles. I learned of fish leather from Anishinaabe scientist Amber Sandy and was immediately interested in sourcing some. It is one of the strongest animal leathers available, but is also thin and easy to work with.

The stud earrings in the photos here are metallic copper-dyed cod leather, celery green-dyed cod leather, and all of the earrings on the right hand side are tilapia leather. They are all edged with seed beads, backed with tanned deer hide, and have silver stud findings.



I love challenging myself with new projects, like beading portraits of pets.

Seed beads, tanned deer hide.


Bentley & Moira

Inspired by silly photos of our family dogs.

Seed beads on felt.


Inspired by native medicinal plants from the prairies, I created several pairs of earrings depicting coneflowers/Echinacea.

Pink: sterling silver fishhook findings (33mm), seed beads, delica beads, vintage glass beads, Charlotte true-cut beads, tanned hide left over from moccasin making.

Yellow: 14k gold-filled earring hooks, seed beads, delica beads, Charlotte true-cut beads, seed beads, vintage glass beads, tanned hide left over from moccasin making.


Prothonotary Warblers

Custom commissions of Prothonotary warblers.

Made with seed beads, glass beads, felt, and backed with dyed deer hide.


Aerial beluga image

Custom commission. Seed beads on felt and backed with dyed deer hide.

275629273_955801701743133_5523204384605644863_n (1).jpg
275629273_955801701743133_5523204384605644863_n (1).jpg
275360067_1333207367204654_583701751557410337_n (1).jpg

Beaded Bird Busts

Birds are an ongoing obsession for me, and I take commissions and create many bird bust pins.

Right: Ruby-throated hummingbird

Left: White-throated sparrow

Made with seed beads, glass beads, felt, and backed with tanned deer hide.


Dragonfly commission

This piece was commissioned by a friend, as a gift for her mother. 

Seed beads, felt, vintage glass beads, tanned deer hide.

275550088_491689932547562_8624898958089941864_n (1).jpg

Floral commissions

The Metis are known as the "flower beadwork people" by colonial settlers and First Nations groups our ancestors interacted with. We were (are!) known for being loud, jovial, and for our floral beadwork patterns on everything from our shoes, horse blankets, vests, and more.

Left: Cherry blossom

Right: Four-leaf clover

Seed beads, vintage seed beads, felt, tanned and dyed deer hide


Floral commissions

Left: Custom commission of a marigold. Charlotte true-cut beads, seed beads, vintage glass beads, and tanned deer hide.

Right: Unknown purple flower. Seed beads, vintage glass beads, tanned deer hide.

302304109_590662149175216_4540985931354056033_n (1).jpg

Beaded bird bust commissions

Left: Red phalarope female. Seed beads, delica beads, felt, vintage glass beads, tanned deer hide

Right: Chickadee. Seed beads, delica beads, vintage glass beads, tanned deer hide

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