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CARE: Cross-disciplinary Applied Research for Ecology

THRIVE: Transdisciplinary Health, Resilience, Indigenous Vitality, and Ecology

BALANCE: Bridging Applied Learning, Indigenous Wisdom, and Natural Ecology

ASCEND: Applied Science for Climate, Ecology, and Indigenous Sovereignty

RISE: Resilience, Indigenous Science, and Ecology


Value-based research grounded in place-based Indigenous culture and knowledge

  • Holding Indigenous scientific knowledge and methods equal to Western science

  • Ensuring any projects in Indigenous communities are beneficial to locals

  • Humility

  • Accountability

  • Reciprocity

  • Transparency

  • Relationships

  • Knowledge mobilization

  • Capacity-building

  • Youth engagement

Research interests

  • Upholding Indigenous data sovereignty within academic contexts

  • Impacts of climate change, colonialism, and capitalism on Indigenous cultural, physical, and emotional health particularly regarding access to land and country food

  • Temporal and spatial variations of freshwater invertebrates, and changes within these communities in the context of land-use and climate change

  • Temporal and spatial variations of biting insects in the Arctic, and how occurrence patterns are changing; insects and associated vectors and how these are impacting declining wildlife and cultural health of Inuit

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